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Monday, October 18, 2010


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Laurel Tarulli

Thanks for this, Chris! Enjoy your presentation today.

Beth P Camden


Thanks for sharing this list. I noticed that the URL for "Inquiring Librarian" was incorrect


Christine Schwartz

@Laurel The presentation went well. Except I never have a good answer when people ask "Why do I need to read blogs if I'm already reading cataloging listservs?" I suggested that people should give blog reading a try, and if they find it helpful, add it to their professional reading "stack."

After we talked about this awhile, it seems one of the advantages of blogs, and even more so Twitter, is that you can get at the latest reports, papers, articles, etc. quicker without all the discussion (sometimes disjointed) that you find on discussion lists, like AUTOCAT and NGC4Lib. (I'm planning on doing another presentation in the future on catalogers who use Twitter.)

I use listservs, blogs, and Twitter for professional development info and I think they all have their place. The bigger question for me is: What is enough? How much professional development info do I need to keep up with our profession? At the meeting we all agreed that the amount is overwhelming--we're definitely suffering from information overload!

@Beth Thanks very much for catching that error!

Laurel Tarulli

I'm still so surprised that people ask why they need to read blogs when they belong to listservs. For me, while listservs are nice, I find that the handful of blogs I follow religiously provide me with a wealth of relevant information and allow for a more thoughtful approach (at times) to issues current and relevant to me. From a public library perspective, there's a lot I have to weed through in listservs, but blogs and twitter feeds are more appropriate to my work - and my everyday professional development.

Ah, "what is enough?" is a hard one! I know that while I follow only a handful of blogs, there are many more out there that I probably should be following. It's interesting, but it brings up a phrase my art teacher used to say to me "A good artist is one who knows when to put down his brush". Because of the wealth of information available, I think it's up to the professional to decide when it's enough - which means different things to different people. Not a good answer - but one I think we all struggle with.

Susan Berdinka

Thanks for the list - it is good to add a couple I didn't know about!


Cool! :)

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