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Monday, June 28, 2010


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I am not an ebook reader, but from what I gather, the readers like the Kindle and the Nook, for example, are much easier on the eyes.

"I read online because I have to; I read offline because I want to. I read as far as I have to online to see if it's something I want to read closely, then I print it off."

I now copy the articles I want to read (if its not a PDF), paste them into an Outlook email, send it to myself, and read it on the iPod touch that my work provides and encourages me to use. Most of this reading is pro development, and more of the free reading or deep reading (where I know I'm going to want to deeply digest and probably mark up a text) I do in print. I think the iPod touch screen is a little easier on the eyes than the regular computer screen also. But I could be wrong (maybe I'm just used to so much reading on computer screens now).


Christine Schwartz

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading method via the iPod touch.

I have tried the Sony ebook reader and the Kindle. The e-ink resolution is definitely better than a computer screen, I'll give you that. I have a Droid smart phone and it has a nice resolution too (better than your average computer screen).

Of course some of this is work related. As a metadata librarian, I'm staring at two monitors all day, Monday to Friday. So, my need to read offline is partially to strike a balance. But my passion for reading print on paper goes beyond the practical. It's more like a religious devotion. That's what I was trying to describe in this post.

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