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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


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Amy Ranger

Absolutely. My GRE score was very near the top for Logic, which I'd never really thought much about before, but it made a lot of sense once I did reflect upon it. This probably also explains why I am a very good cook: I approach the recipes step by step, only modifying them after I develop a solid understanding of the basic issue.

Karen Young

Absolutely. I guess that's why I hate being a cataloger. I also hate cooking. I'm not your typical techserv worker, either. Extroverted, creative, social, outside-the-box kind of thinker.

Christine Schwartz

Amy and Karen,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue of catalogers' characteristics. Karen, in your list of non-cataloger qualities you mention "creative." This is an issue I've been stewing over for awhile. Catalogers are actually creative also. But it's a creativity within a certain set of constraints/limits. This is another way that programming and cataloging are similar to each other.

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