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Monday, April 27, 2009


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Considering what a mess our consortium's attempts to get WorldCat Local to work as we want it to has been...I don't really think of this as a particularly good thing.

I also notice the FAQs barely mention proxy access - no big surprise to me considering what a complete nightmare it's been trying to get WCL to work with EZProxy (which is now also an OCLC product). Figures they wouldn't push that too hard.

I hope anyone who considers WorldCat Local asks a LOT of questions, and demands solid answers.

At this point, there's no way we'd be willing to use an OCLC ILS, and as things stand right now, we also wouldn't pay to use WorldCat Local.

Jonathan Rochkind

I actually just browsed through that entire marketing brochure, and learned some things... but i didn't see anything in there about merging local records? What part did you think suggested that?


Hi arkham,

Thanks for sharing your experience with WorldCat Local. I suppose being in a consortium adds an extra layer of complexity in attempting to use WL.

There may be libraries where WL is a good solution for an ILS. But in my area, special, theological libraries, I think it's a bad idea.

Over the years the religion catalogers from LC encouraged us to add religious and theological subject headings, since LC's focus was more general, and ATLA catalogers had a special focus and expertise for certain religious denominations. It would be sad to lose that added subject access by moving to WL.


Hi Jonathan,

In the WorldCat Local FAQs on cataloging, it sounds like they will accommodate local data in local holdings records only. So, merging local bibliographic records is wishful thinking on my part.

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