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Monday, November 17, 2008


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Shawne Miksa

The files load better in IE. Mozilla tends to freeze-up. Printed out as double-sided (with appendices and glossary as 2-per-page and double-sided) it fills two 3-inch binders.

Printing tip: merge smaller files together in Adobe and then print.

Chris Schwartz

Thanks, Shawne. I'll be printing off RDA when I get home from vacation. Two 3-inch binders: Wow.


2 3-inch binders? I think I'll stick to reading the thing online.

I know that the PDFs aren't necessarily the best way to view RDA, considering that it is supposed to be in the online product, but...wasn't this supposed to be a simplified code? I can't think that something that fills 2 3-inch binders is simplified.

And, there are several sections that either aren't up at all or that aren't complete...

Shawne Miksa

Printing is a option. The JSC was clear on that point.

I don't think what we do is simple so a "simplified" code doesn't seem logical. Much of what makes the chapters long are the examples. And, yes, there is still work to be done. I think what they've accomplished so far should be recognized, and not just what isn't there.


I was really more commenting on what had been said previously about RDA - that is was supposed to be "simplified" - and that it clearly is not.

Also, my comment on the fact that there are several sections that aren't complete was not to attack that fact, but just to say that adding those sections would make it even longer...

Let's just say that I won't be printing it out. Fortunately, I'm fine with reading stuff online - in fact, in many ways, I prefer to do so.

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