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Monday, November 03, 2008


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Shawne Miksa

Just downloaded Oct 2008 versions of Scope, Prospectus, mappings, etc. I'm not sure when those went up, but just noticed them.

Christine Schwartz

Thanks, Shawne. I didn't realize these new versions went up. I see the RDA Element Analysis is posted also. The new Prospectus looks very interesting!

Irvin Flack

The RDA Element Analysis looks the same to me: still confusing and with lots of question marks and outstanding issues.

John Lamberth

Just wanted to say a couple of things, not directly related to the post...

1) I graduated with my MLS in August and have found very little of interest in the way of jobs. Granted, I'm hoping for a cataloging position in an Academic library, but I'm not seeing much in the way of any full-time positions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I even saw a Librarian II position that was part-time. Gotta say, that doesn't really make me feel hopeful.
At any rate, I'm going to make sure I stay current on this blog and try and get as familiar with RDA as I can. Since nobody wants to hire me to give me the experience that they all say they want before they hire you, maybe I can just become knowledgeable at RDA and make myself valuable down the road.

2) Hi Dr. Miksa!

Christine Schwartz

Hi John,

Here in the northeast, I know two recent MLS graduates who have worked for a library temp agency called Pro Libra. This seems like a good route to take for gaining experience.

Getting that first job is the hardest part: libraries are always looking for experience. I do know recent graduates who've been hired without a lot of experience though. It can happen!

Good luck in your search!

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