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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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Irvin Flack

I disagree with a number of points in that post. I do think cataloguers and metadata librarians need different skill sets (don't have time to expand on that but having worked as both I feel there's a definite difference). I think RDA will be a significant break with the past, though the effects may take a long time to become apparent (ie when the shift to the Implementation 1 scenario occurs). The DC/RDA work is a real paradigm shift that people seem to be slow to recognise. As for cataloguers becoming more tech-heads, I agree that that will be the future -- but I don't see that as a bad thing. I guess that comes down to a personal preference but I also think that unless you understand the technology you become dependent on those that do. I haven't worked as a cataloguer for several years now and I wouldn't want to try to predict the future -- but it doesn't seem bleak to me at the moment. Confusing, perhaps, but not bleak. Maybe it's because it's Friday and I'm feeling optimistic.

Chris Schwartz

I also think that catalogers and metadata librarians need different skill sets. I have a few ideas for a future post on how life as a metadata librarian is different from life as a cataloger. It will be very idiosyncratic, because I think metadata workflow are probably very diverse.

Irvin Flack

Yes, Chris, I agree about the diverse workflows. There are potentially as many types of metadata librarian as there are types and contexts of metadata, ie lots. I think that's one of the big differences between 'cataloguer' and 'metadata librarian' as job titles.

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