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Monday, November 26, 2007


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Shawne Miksa

Thank you for posting a link to this recording. Didn't know it was available and now having listened to it I think that is should not be missed by anyone in our field, especially catalogers. (I am biased, of course.)

Bujar Kocana

I would like to take more information"What will be future Ontology"

Bryan Campbell

You might also want to read his "The Case for Creating a Systematic Indexing System for the National SME&T Digital Library" (http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?isbn=0309059771&page=101), which echoes some of the ideas that you heard in "The Genius of Library Cataloging and its Possible Future."

Chris Schwartz

Shawne, Bujar, and Bryan, Thanks for these comments. When I posted this last week, I thought if just one LIS professor noticed it that would be great. So, I was thrilled to see this first comment from Shawne.

Francis Miksa's lecture has taken off and been linked to throughout the library blogosphere. I have to say it's more inspiring than the LC WGFBC draft final report. The report is very important, but the overwhelming concern for economics prevents it from addressing some of the philosophical questions. Such things as the future role of libraries (which is not fleshed out enough in the report). Miksa's lecture looks at those kind of questions (which is why I'm going to listen to it again when I get a chance).

I'm also reading some history of bibliographic control using Ronald Hagler's "The Bibliographic Record and Information Technology." It's a great book and it's helping me get some perspective on the LC working group report.

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