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Sunday, April 15, 2007


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Shawne Miksa

Karen Markey's article in the same issue of D-Lib, Jan/Feb 2007, (vol 13, no1/2), entitled "The Online Library Catalog: paradise lost and paradise regained?" is also an essential read. In particular, it goes far to help to keep the issues of OPAC design and cataloging data within the proper context. These two areas feed into each other, but they are not interchangeable.

I agree with you initial assessments of the Coyle & Hillman article---no alternative solutions given. I've spent some quality time with the RDA drafts recently and feel that, given what it is trying to do, it is pretty remarkable. Still not finished, of course, but a healthy dose of "good work, keep it up" to the JSC is in order.

I gave a short talk at the Texas Library Association Annual conference last week about RDA entitled "Brave New World of HD Cataloging"--HD meaning high definition--because I feel that is what RDA is trying to get at. As with AACR2, this will be highly dependent on cataloger's judgment.

Bill Anderson

What content rules/standards are currently being used for the various forms of non-MARC21 descriptive metadata? (I need to do more reading on this)


We're considering precisely this question for our digital image library implementation.

CCO is, of course, one answer. I don't believe that it is meant to used with any one data standard (The same could be said of AACR2/RDA, but they have been firmly linked with MARC in practice). However, CCO being a project of VRA is an obvious choice for VRA Core (and also "maps" to CDWA).

Also, Collective Digitization Program (formerly the Colorado Digitization Project) has developed a Best Practices document for Dublin Core (Up to Ver. 2.1.1, Sept. 2006). This is at http://www.cdpheritage.org/cdp/documents/CDPDCMBP.pdf

We also have on our list a local content standard for use with a modified Dublin Core Standard that was developed for a state project, though it hasn't been updated lately. It's at http://www.cthistoryonline.org/project/docs/CHOII_cat_rev_032304.doc

I would love to hear about any other content standards out there myself.

Hope this is of some help.


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